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Sublimation Christmas Monster Plush Toys-wholesalers only

Sublimation Christmas Monster Plush Toys-wholesalers only

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Christmas Monster Plush Toys, Sublimation Grinch Dolls, Christmas Gifts, Green Monster Dolls

Product Description

    Grinch is a narrow-minded recluse with a heart that is only a quarter the size of a normal person. He lives with his dog companion Max in a cave on Crompet Mountain, feeding on wild vegetable juice, castor oil, and yogurt. The annual Christmas season is approaching, and the town of Huwell at the foot of Crompet Mountain is filled with a festive atmosphere. Every household is busy celebrating the holiday, which is seen and hated by Greench. He is determined to make the people in the town unable to celebrate the festival like him, so he and Max disguise themselves as Santa Claus and sika deer, and take advantage of the darkness to go down the mountain to "rob" and prepare to "sweep away all the Christmas items in the town"

Product Name:  Sublimation Christmas Monster

Fabric:  Super Crystal Plush

Fill:  3D PP cotton


    Dog 45g ;Scarf Grinch 80g; Only clothes Grinch 65g; Christmas Grinch 65g

Color classification:  Colorful

Physical photography: 

100% physical shooting (due to different lighting and display deviations, the purchased physical item shall prevail)

Washing instructions:

    Hand washing is recommended. To maintain the softness of toys, they can often be exposed to sunlight on sunny days.


Kind reminder:

    Toys themselves do not shed hair, and cutting the plush material during production can cause some broken hair. Before shipping, we use a high-power hair suction machine to suck it up. Due to the daily

    The shipment volume is large, and it is inevitable that there will be cases of missed suction or partial non suction. The buyer mistakenly thought the hair was falling off, but in fact, they only need to take a photo outside or blow it with a hair dryer,

    When exposed to sunlight to remove static electricity, the floating hairs will naturally fall off.

    Due to the volume requirements of express delivery, we usually use vacuum packaging. Some dolls may not feel full after being opened due to long squeezing times due to the long journey,

    The plush is also quite messy. You can first expose it to the sun for a period of time, and the PP cotton will automatically restore it. Then, you can pick it up and shake it, and the plush will also become smooth.


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Shipping & Returns

Shipping policy

Air express is the fastest shipping, it will be by air to door, dispatch by ups, fedex, etc, usually takes 7-10days, not include import tax

China post is the cheap shipping for small or light goods below 3000 or 5000 grams,cheap. usually takes 7-

21days,dispatch by local post .not include import tax

By sea to door is for big or heavy orders which is cheap but slow, usually takes 30-60days. dispatch by ups or fedex etc usually include import tax

Remark:if the tracking info shows the package delivered, but you do not received, please call you local shipping agent which dispatch to

you, we need evidence to ask shipping company to pay the loss.

Return Policy

We have a refund policy for 15 days,

you can apply refund in 15 days after you received the package if the product have quality problem.

we do not refund all money if the product not have quality problem or not all have quality  as it is a international shipping.

once you found any problem of the product after you receiving the package, please contact us and provide photo or video for

evidence. we will refund the value of what is have problem very quickly


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Care Instructions

we can do custom and develop new items,please contact us.

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About Us

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  • shipping ways

    we provide shipping by china post(cheap but slow only for goods below 1300gams),air express (fast,but costly)and by sea to door(cheap and slow but for goods heavy)

  • Returns

    we can 100% refund if product have quality problem in 15 days after you received the goods, But the shipping will be on you if no quality problem.