What can be Sublimated

What can be sublimated,if you understand this well,then can help you to know how to develop new sublimation blanks.

1.Polyester or polyamide Material  Textiles,

All the T shirts Hoodies,cushion covers,blankets include any other textiles,the main Material have to be Polyester or Polyamide,then can be sublimated,Cotton,Linen Etc Fabric can not be Sublimated directly,the Linen or Linen like Material for our Product most are Polyester,just looks like Linen.

2.Coated Goods,

Why Coated Goods Can be Sublimated,Because the Coating Layer can sort the sublimation Ink,the Object without Coating Can not,Ceramic,Metal,Rock,Crystal,Glass these items can be coated,then be a Sublimation Blanks,the object Have to be Hard and High Temperture bear,then can do Sublimation coating to be sublimation blanks

3.Alu insert or Steel Insert is coated goods,use Adhesive paste the alu insert to the Object you interested,then it is a sublimation blanks,but the object better have indentation for the alu insert.like Compact Mirrors,Badge Reels,many chains,Braclets,bottle opener key chains are made of this way.


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