Sublimation Time and temperture chart

Item Surface Time Temperture Pressure Tips
Ceramic Mugs/Cups 160-200s 350-400F Medium Different Press may Some Different
Stainless Steel Tumblers 60-90s 360-380F Medium Full wrap double press
Polyester Fabric 35-45s 400-410F Medium Use blow-out sheet to avoid ghosting
Metal 45-60s 370-400F  Medium Place absorbent sheet on bottom of heat press. Then, place product transfer side DOWN on top of the absorbent shee
Glass or Ceramic Tiles 300-720s 380-400F Medium Time will be different on size and thickness
Polymer 45-75s 350-400F Medium Tear transfer paper away immediately after pressing
Felt 60S 380-400F Medium Felt can curl as it cools. Place a heavy object on the substrate immediately after pressing and allow to cool while compressed
Rock Slates 180S 380-400F Medium Peel transfer paper while hot. If the marble has attachable cork or material, wait for the substrate to fully cool before attaching
MDF 60S 380-400F Medium Remove any plastic coating. Press with the transfer on top
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